Some Suggestions for Nature Exploration

Getting outside is also about expanding a sense of being at home in the world. How can we best care for our larger home? As a general rule, use common sense when exploring in parks. By modeling simple practices you help foster powerful habits and attitudes about caring for our world.

  • Explore with care: Sensitive areas in parks are usually fenced or signed. Please show respect for those boundaries.
  • Be kind as you climb: When climbing trees give a reminder that they are living beings (akin to climbing on a grown up!)
  • Leave no trace: Make it a fun challenge to scout for stray wrappers and such. Consider bringing a bag for a quick clean team pick-up before leaving your special outdoor place.
  • Keep wildlife wild: Refrain from feeding wild creatures.

It doesn’t take much to connect your kids (and yourself) to nature. Right now, what can you hear or see that is a sign of nature in the city? Make a practice of noticing the everyday nature you encounter. You may be surprised by the diversity!

Children and adults alike enjoy learning the names of animals and plants that make their home in our neighborhoods and larger city home. Check your local bookstores for the following place-based books and resources:

San Francisco Nature in the City
Butterflies of San Francisco Guide
Trees of San Francisco
The Laws Pocket Guide to Nature in the San Francisco Bay Area