Inaugurating the San Francisco Children’s Outdoor Bill of Rights!

Why Children and Nature?
World-wide most people now live in cities. There is growing awareness that childhoods are enriched with time spent outdoors: learning, playing, exploring. Great news: San Francisco is a treasure trove of nature. Its delightfully diverse human communities are matched by extraordinary biodiversity and wonderful park lands. Even in the most urban parts of town there are habitats to be explored, creatures and plants to get curious about, and even trees and rocks to climb.

Founded in 2011, the mission of the San Francisco Children and Nature Forum is to inspire all sectors of San Francisco society to nurture, empower, and engage youth in relationship with local nature. SFCaN is an interdisciplinary group of professionals working in collaboration to share practices, generate ideas, and take action to promote San Francisco children’s right to meaningful experiences outdoors. Knowing that children who learn and play in nature are happier, healthier, smarter, and better prepared for the future. SFCaN aspires to preserve and expand access to nature experiences for all children in San Francisco. Together we’re investing in the quality of urban life and ensuring a healthier environment for present and future generations of San Franciscans.